‘The Bastard Executioner’ episode 6 review: The Lady Love – Wolf connection; also, more murder!

TBXThrough the first five episodes of “The Bastard Executioner,” we learned that despite this being a fairly cut-and-dry world, things are often more complicated still than they seem.

Take, for instance, learning that there is a family history between Lady Love and the Wolf, who we are very pleased to see back within the world of the show once more. Matthew Rhys is brilliant, but of course also busy on “The Americans.” Like Walton Goggins on “Sons of Anarchy,” he is the treat we get to see from time to time. He is doing his part now to keep Love and her fake pregnancy safe, but this is only going to last for so long, right? The end of the episode featured many a dark prophecy with the Archdeacon of Windsor from Annora, thorns in all; plus, we have the Dark Mute really trying to prove to us that he is about to go all badass killing-machine on some people.

The Wilkin Brattle story to us is mostly interesting in that he’s almost the show’s version of Charlie Brown. He’s had many a bad day, and right when you think is about to break free, Lucy comes and picks up the football. In this episode, Lucy comes in the form of fake wife Jessamyn, who kept him from escaping alongside Toran. The two were ultimately led down a further road of violence, but Milus continues his tradition of having Wilkin firmly by the nether regions. He decided that having Brattle as a tool is far more important than merely punishing him for seeking out some sort of revenge.

In the end, this episode of “The Bastard Executioner” proved itself to be a melting pot of entertainment, drama, intrigue, and a variety of other things. Seeing Lady Love contribute an heirloom to the Wolf’s cause is one twist we’d like to see developed further on the show, as is seeing how many more times Wilkin loses the football by the end of this season. This episode proved to be worth the price of admission, and then also the episode length. Grade: B+.

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