‘Shiptober: Is ‘Sleepy Hollow’ season 3 the year for Ichabod and Abbie?

Sleepy -Mrs. Carter: Can the Witnesses be destined to be something more?

To us, the most entertaining ‘ships to follow are the ones that tend to be born out of some sort of organic partnership, and this certainly happened during the third season of “Sleepy Hollow.” Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills are two characters who were not seemingly meant to be together in the beginning, given that he had Katrina and she has since had some other love interests of her own. However, since that time Ichabod and Abbie have had plenty of fan support as a potential couple, and that is continuing to be a strong force in the current third season of the show. Do they each have other romantic options? Sure, but the popularity of these two characters being together cannot be ignored.

We’re approaching this latest edition of our ‘Shiptober article series with one primary question in mind: Is it possible that these two could go from being partners to romantic partners this season? There are reasons to make it happen, but there are also reasons to keep things as they are.

Why Ichabod and Abbie should be together – They already have some of the necessary foundation for any successful couple, given that they trust each other, they share deep secrets that no one else understands, and they go through dangerous situations together on a regular basis. They also have fun exchanges back and forth and know what each other has been through. Sure, one of them was buried for centuries and the other grew up in the modern world, but they have quite a bit in common still! They are ambitious, creative, and driven people who want the best in the world, and the best for each other. The idea of the two of them trying to date would make for hilarious television, but also some wonderful moments of understanding.

Why this relationship shouldn’t happen – There is something to be said for not having them be more than Witnesses, since pairing them up is a fairly predictable move at this point. So many other procedurals / mystery-solving shows eventually go down this road with their main crime solving partners, so keeping them as friends and colleagues allows them to trade banter about their romantic lives alongside what they are working on in terms of a case. It gives this show a fresh angle instead of the same type of romantic pairing we’ve seen on shows like this in the past. Some may see elements of romance in their chemistry, but others may argue that this is more of a great friendship than something with romantic potential.

No matter where you stand on the idea of Ichabod and Abbie as a couple, one thing that we will say is that if they are to get together, it shouldn’t happen right away. It should take time for a romantic relationship to grow and develop, and if it were to happen before the end of the season, it’d feel almost rushed and forced to appease those who ‘ship the two together.

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