‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ rankings: Will Jeremy Collins actually help Spencer Bledsoe stick around?

Jeremy -

Sometimes in “Survivor,” it is said that going to Tribal Council is a good thing. You want to have that experience of losing so that you know how hard you need to play the game.

With that said, is it really that useful in a returning-player season? We’d argue no since every person out there in Cambodia is getting a Second Chance. Why go to Tribal unless you have to? Four of the players on the current Bayon tribe have been spared from having to write down any names, and we have a feeling that they will be once again going into Wednesday’s episode. Just because we have a tendency to be wrong a lot on these things (i.e. picking Vytas to win the season beforehand), we’ve went ahead and ranked them all below anyway!

Just as with our rankings for the far-more-terrible Angkor tribe on Monday, we’re basing these on strategy, challenge ability, social game, threat level, edit, and a melting pot of other things. We want to see whether these people have a good shot of getting to the end, and then also winning if they make it there.

6. Kelly Wiglesworth – The show was careful to not show us any discord on the Bayon side from whatever Jeff Varner was trying to say to her, but it feels clear to us that she’s on the outs. We’ve yet to hear anything that suggests that she is playing the game strategically other than a pre-game alliance, and unfortunately for her, nobody from this alliance is on this tribe.

5. Spencer Bledsoe – It’s strictly a numbers thing in terms of previous tribes, and if you are worried about Spencer as a threat, there is zero reason to keep him. What’s working for him, though, is that he seems to have a decent relationship with both Jeremy and Stephen, and we’re also not sure how much we see this tribe really losing in the near future. If Jeremy thinks he could be useful later on, then finding a way to keep him (while making him feel like he owed him something) would be the right move.

4. Monica Padilla – Zero. That is how little we’re hearing about right now when it comes to Monica’s game. She’s not getting the air time of someone who wins this game, and while we can see her going far, but we like to consider here people who have an actual shot at winning.

3. Kimmi Kappenberg – We can say almost the same about Kimmi, but what makes her probably a better person to keep around than Monica is that she may have more of an old-school perspective on tribe unity, and she seems to be better in some of the challenges. you don’t know for-certain that the three-tribe format is going away anytime soon, so you want to keep that strength.

2. Stephen Fishbach – What a different a tribe swap makes! While we worry about Stephen’s ability still to play a little harder than he needs to (we saw some of that in the first two episodes), he should be in a good spot here with both Spencer and Jeremy around. If one more person joins them, they have a majority.

1. Jeremy Collins – We don’t want to crown Jeremy just yet as Survivor King, since we thought he was playing an amazing game in the early going on “San Juan del Sur” until he and Josh became seen as the biggest kingpins in the game. Yet, the guy’s got an idol, he’s a huge asset in challenges, he’s good around camp, and we cannot see anyone going after him before Joe at the merge.

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