‘Scorpion’ season 2, episode 5 review: Sylvester misses ‘Super Fun Guy’ for love

ScorpionWe haven’t had much movement on Paige and Walter’s romance on “Scorpion” and we aren’t sure why. We get that they want to focus solely on their work, but it seems a little strange that there hasn’t been much of anything – no looks, or touches…. nothing. Are we going to see any movement tonight? And what about Happy and Toby? Is his dollhouse plan going to work them right into a relationship? Let’s find out.

Sylvester learns that Megan has a deep brain stimulation procedure scheduled and she asks Sylvester to be there for her when she wakes up and he says that he will absolutely be there for her. She asks him not to tell anyone until after the procedure so that she doesn’t worry anyone and he agrees to keep it from everyone, including Walter. When her procedure is moved up a couple of days, it conflicts with their case – which includes an undercover mission that would land him on the set of “Super Fun Guy”. He tells Walter that he’s not going with them to Kazakhstan and we wonder why he’s not more suspicious when Sylvester doesn’t want to be on the set of his favorite comic book hero.

As the mission goes forward, Walter does start to notice that Sylvester’s mind is elsewhere as he asks for Sylvester to get him information immediately and he is told that he will have to wait. Walter doesn’t know why he’s waiting, but it’s because Sylvester is putting Megan first as she is getting prepped for surgery. She has a successful surgery and Sylvester is right there waiting for her when she wakes up. There was a great moment between Walter and Sylvester that shows us that Walter is really growing! He brings back a Super Fun Guy suit for Sylvester and tells him that he knows there’s something wrong and that he’s there for him if he wants.

Toby is still pushing the dollhouse angle to make his friendship with Happy more then that, by giving her a toy motorcycle to park out front. There was a great moment in the mission tonight where Happy had to take her pants off in front of Toby and we saw that little spark between them as Toby reminds himself that they are “just friends”. This is what we’ve been missing from Walter and Paige ever since they admitted their feelings for one another, but we are loving the chemistry between Happy and Toby. Can’t these two just work it out? After the mission, Toby realizes that if Happy doesn’t want to be with him that he has to cut ties cold turkey after realizing how much he loves her, so when she asks him to work on the dollhouse with her, he says no and goes off to spar with Cabe.

There were so many fun elements to this episode with our crew dressing up as superheroes and saving the day, but the real hero for us was Sylvester. Whenever we think we couldn’t love him anymore then we already do, he does something so incredibly sweet, like missing “Super Fun Guy” to be with Megan in her time of need. We also have to say that we love the addition of Ray to the garage. He has certainly made himself at home, but he’s also come in handy when the chips are down. Episode grade: A-

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