‘Shiptober: ‘Agent of SHIELD’ season 3 could catch fire with Fitz, Simmons

Simmons -Mrs. Carter: Can Fitz and Simmons finally make it happen?

There is sometimes such a thing as too much romance, and there are many superhero / supernatural shows that often fall victim to it. You want your series to be mostly about the cast teaming up and saving the world, with maybe a tease or two thrown in there about what they do in their private lives.

This is, at least to us, what makes the two aforementioned “Agents of SHIELD” characters the perfect subject for our ‘Shiptober series. They are two people who clearly having some sort of feelings for one another, and maybe in due time it will turn into something more. We are just not at that point yet, but in the wake of Fitz doing everything he could to save her, maybe they are a little bit closer to opening up to a romantic relationship than they once were. This brings us to the all-important question at the center of our story: Should they get together before the end of season 3?

The case for more Fitz / Simmons – They are in a position already where it feels almost inevitable that they are going to get together. With that in mind, why drag it out for too long? We do not think romance and superhero stories are necessarily mutually exclusive, and you could start to move them forward without all of the melodrama that we sometimes get with relationships. Also, it would be fun to see how these two characters in particular handle a relationship, and how it differs from Bobbi and Lance or event Andrew and May, who have a history of trying to make things work under unusual circumstances.

The case against more Fitz / Simmons – Maybe the show really should focus on the Secret Warriors and the Inhumans for the early portion of season 3, or maybe some people think that trying to shove these two characters together now would be a little bit rushed, given everything that Jemma has went through. There is something to be said for allowing her time to heal and handle the PTSD of it all, and then start to figure out where her heart truly lies. As we’ve said, though, it is hard to envision a situation where these two characters are not going to get together at some point, the question sis really all about when the timing is right for it to happen. The chemistry and the history between them burn too brightly to be ignored.

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