‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ episode 4 preview: Woo, Varner, and Tasha continue to suffer

Tasha -This week’s new episode of “Survivor” brought us a historic new tribe swap, and to go along with that, a heck of a game that followed. You had people rising from the ashes multiple times, an immunity idol find, and the blindside of Peih-Gee, someone we really liked pre-game and thought could go really far.

Next week, let’s just say that things for the new Angkor tribe (Tasha, Savage, Woo, Abi-Maria, and Varner) seem to from bad to worse. They don’t have many supplies, they’re struggling to build a new shelter, and they’re exhausted and feeling ultimately like the dirt they’re lying on. To think, they still have a challenge to do!

The good news for them is that this said challenge seems to be the annual blindfold extravaganza, which is always a pretty cheap excuse for people to really hurt themselves. We don’t love it for that reason: It’s too easy to imagine someone doing something that takes them out of the game, and while we don’t think that’s coming up, it certainly looks like there are some bumps and bruises coming.

As for who is in the best position now moving forward, we have to say probably Jeremy with the combination of the immunity idol and the numbers. Joe’s not in a terrible spot, either, but he is such an obvious, enormous target that you cannot ignore him. We’ve been particularly impressed so far by Kass, who has really excelled at flying under the radar and has proven that she’s a value in some of these puzzle challenges.

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