‘Chicago PD’ season 3, episode 3 review: Bunny tells all, will Voight go to jail?

Chicago PDWith Lindsay back on the team on “Chicago PD” and cutting off her mother, Bunny has gone off the deep end and is out to take Voight down and get her daughter back in her life – no matter what it costs. She has shown up at the station, claiming to have information about Voight knowingly putting away a man that he knew wasn’t guilty of the crime he was suspected of committing. A very serious claim against Voight.

Bunny is saying that she has evidence that will prove that Voight didn’t witness a man named James Beckett shooting someone and that includes her own account of the night in question. Lindsay goes to Bunny and reminds her that Voight left the stake out of Beckett and saved them both from getting shot by her ex-boyfriend, but Bunny doesn’t care and has already said that she’s talked to Beckett’s lawyers and has given a deposition. Bunny’s testimony gets Beckett out of jail and Voight’s world starts to fall apart. We are left with a bit of a cliffhanger tonight when Hank goes to get into his car to take out his son, his wife and grandbaby for dinner and his car explodes. Is Beckett looking for revenge or is this an angry Bunny going off the rails?

Mouse had a story of his own tonight when he gets taken hostage at the station by a man named Fraser that wants his missing daughter (Sarah) found in exchange for Mouse’s life. They find a lead to where his daughter was and while she wasn’t at the house when they swarmed it, they found some other women being held in cages. Mouse finally finds a way out of the situation and Fraser is arrested, but when they find Sarah she won’t listen to anyone, so they bring in her father and he is able to help diffuse the situation. It was tough to watch Sarah and her dad hugging after such a miserable situation and knowing that he was going to go to jail, but when Voight notes that the gun Fraser was using was never loaded, they are able to reduce the charge and the father and daughter will be able to work through all of this together.

We also had a really heart breaking scene when Olinsky told his wife and daughter about this other daughter he had while he was undercover. It went about as terrible as you would think, but we are hoping that time will help heal the situation somewhat.

The thing we love about Chicago PD is that while there’s always a pretty interesting case of the week, we also have a pretty good side dish of personal stories from our main cast. For us it raises the stakes for our team, because we are so involved in their personal lives that we can’t help but care that much more when they are put in danger, like Mouse was tonight. Episode grade: B+

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