‘Finding Carter’ season 2, episode 13 review: Ben and Lori have a lot in common…

Finding Carter -Finding Carter” definitely ended the first half of season 2 in a dramatic way, with a secret sibling coming out of the woodwork as Lori’s last-ditch appeal to swoop Carter away from her family and back to her.

What we learned in the season 2 fall premiere is rather simple when it comes to Ben Wallace: He’s not all too different than Lori. He also has a habit for snatching things, lying, and manipulating, and the odds are fairly high with him that he is going to turn Carter’s life into a living hell sooner rather than later. The events that led to her applying at a bar using a fake ID certainly are not good signs, with the same back her continued pursuit to follow the bad boys and not listen to people who are actually trying to help her. Heck, this time she wouldn’t even listen to Crash. You know that Jared in particular is not the sort of person she needs to be spending much of her time with. He’s got “bad news” stamped practically on his forehead.

Elsewhere, the series continued to take us to some dark places with David and Elizabeth that included him giving a check to Lori, further proving that it is almost impossible for this family to be happy. He’s finding a way to screw things up and hurt Elizabeth, and she is not doing anything that healthy for her own sanity.

Admittedly, we’re getting a little tired of the parental drama, and also the fact that nobody seems to be learning from any of their mistakes on this show. Taylor is probably the one who is trying something the most different with her rivalry-of-sorts with Damon, but we still have a good feeling where it will lead.

We will give “Finding Carter” at least some credit for the presentation of the Ben story, something that we feel in part to be reasonably fascinating. The problem is just that it is surrounded by such a familiar coat of paint, and at this point in the show’s run it is not too shocking anymore. Grade: C+.

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