‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ rankings: Does Joe, Stephen, or Tasha benefit from tribe swap?

Joe -We promised to do “Survivor” rankings for every episode this season, but admittedly, it’s a little bit tricky going into this particular episode. We know that there is a tribe swap coming Wednesday night, and while the promo department typically gives this away in the promos, we haven’t seen any video proof of the results of this said swap yet. Therefore, we’re just going to continue to rank by the original tribes … but with a heavy asterisk by most of the names.

Now, we’re not only ranking based on strategy and everything we’ve seen so far, but also who is adaptable, and who would fare well in a three-tribe environment.

10. Stephen Fishbach (last week: 10) – On paper, a swap seems like the best thing that could possibly happen to Stephen given that he is the obvious first boot from Bayon, based on everything we’ve seen. However, what happens if he just ends up with people like Andrew and Joe again? The one thing going for him is that we feel like the edit has tried to make us feel sorry for him. He has dignity, Savage!

9. Ciera Eastin (8) – A swap is the worst thing that could happen to someone like Ciera who is not known for her challenge prowess. She’s a known strategic threat, and we certainly haven’t seen enough of a narrative from her this season to make us think that she is going to go far in the game.

8. Kass McQuillen (9) – Kass performs well in puzzles, so that makes her at least somewhat-useful in a three-tribe format. The other edge she has over Ciera here is that she has experience with smaller tribes thanks to “Cagayan.” She knows how to handle these social dynamics, and she’s done a good job so far.

7. Andrew Savage (4) – Remember Garrett? That’s a “Cagayan” player who tried too hard to control his other players, and ended up getting voted out as a result. We could totally see that happening to Savage if he continues with the attitude we’ve seen so far. He’s a strong leader, but has a tendency to drift into holier-than-thou territory.

6. Monica Padilla (3) – Maybe Monica is safe because she’s had almost zero airtime this season; or, maybe the show hasn’t bothered with her story because she’s getting voted out soon. She’s not a huge challenge contributor, so she could just be an easy boot for a tribe looking to stay strong … even if in returning player seasons that is not always a top priority.

5. Keith Nale (5) – Keith is not going to be a threat to anyone; however, it’s also possible that he just irritates some of the other people in his new tribe. He’s such a wild card that we cannot take him seriously as a threat to win, and nor can we say that he is on the cusp of going home.

4. Kimmi Kappenberg (6) – We’ve been pleasantly surprised by Kimmi so far, mostly in that she’s avoiding her Australia mistake of getting in her own way. She’s tough enough to be an asset to any tribe, but not so tough that she scares anyone. It’s tough to see a situation where she is next.

3. Joe Anglim (7) – We thought in the two-tribe format that someone would be willing to take a swing at Joe soon, but in three tribes it just seems insane until you get closer to the jury. You’re probably going to spend at least two episodes in three tribes, so why put yourselves in a situation to lose multiple immunity challenges?

2. Jeremy Collins (1) – Jeremy’s done a great job so far of making alliances with other strong male players, and we don’t get the sense that anyone would want him gone over Joe or Savage. We also really like the way that the edit has painted him so far as a sensitive guy who is playing hard, but struggling being away from home.

1. Tasha Fox (2) – The only difference to us between Tasha and Jeremy right now is that we could imagine a situation where someone decides to blindside Jeremy; however, we can’t say that about Tasha. Like we said with Kass, we do also think that there is something to be said for having experience in three tribes.

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