‘Scorpion’ season 2, episode 4 review: Did Happy have a breakthrough with her dad or Toby

ScorpionIt seems that Sylvester is the only one on “Scorpion” that is in a happy, functional relationship and it’s moved to the next level now that they have both said “I love you”. Happy and Toby are in a pretty bad space as he was left punching a bag as Happy made plans with a new mystery man. Walter and Paige have done a great job of pretending there’s no chemistry between them and we are kind of forgetting about it too, so they really need to work on infusing just a little bit into each episode to keep it strong.

Happy has been dropped off a few times by a hot guy on a motorcycle in the morning at the garage… is she trying to make Toby jealous or is her own motorbike really in the shop like she says it is? The case of the week left Happy in a life or death situation and with that we get some help from Happy’s dad! Toby gets a moment to talk to Happy’s dad where he admits that he’s in love with her and her dad tells him to let her come around in her own time if he wants any shot at all. After helping to save his daughter’s life, he can’t help but hug her as tightly as possible! Toby on the other hand isn’t taking the advice and he buys her a dollhouse to construct together after he learns that it was something important in her childhood that was taken from her by her dad.

Things are a little sketchy between Scorpion and the FBI after the last representative waned to leave Sylvester to die in the prison last week, so even though we liked Ray and his weird blossoming relationship with Walter, he was kicked to the curb for the good of Scorpion’s image. Although Paige didn’t start out as a part of the case of the week, she still has a job to do and it’s dealing with Ray and his many problems so that they can get him out of the garage. Eventually she came back in to help the team, but it took half the episode. As for Ray, after Paige stole his car and left him high and dry, he still managed to find his way back to the garage. Walter is thrilled that Ray is back and after his own near death experience he learns that there is something inside of him that isn’t all logical and for the first time he’s ready to take a look at that. He talks to Paige about possibly exploring his feelings about her at some point and although it won’t be happening right now, they are both a little more open to it.

It was only a matter of time before we had an episode where our team was split up, but not having Paige with the rest of the team for a large portion of the episode was a little weird and made us realize how much her role has really been integrated with the team to have serious meaning. Episode grade: C+

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