‘Fear the Walking Dead’ finale review: A major death and a search for no sanctuary

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By the end of “Fear the Walking Dead” season 1, we knew that we were going to see a world that was in many ways different from where we started. After watching the season finale on Sunday night, this certainly proved itself to be true.

Were it not for their experience in the early stages of the zombie apocalypse, we’re not sure that Madison would have been able to do what needed to be done in the closing minutes of the story: Killing Liza, who was bitten and knew that she was going to become one of them sooner rather than later. She wanted Madison to do the deed, knowing that it would “break” Travis if he was forced to pull the trigger. Even though we have seen similar situations on the flagship show in the past, that does not make this any less easy. It was still a devastating moment that took place outside of Strand’s lavish home. Not only that, but with Travis doing it, don’t you think that will deeply change him moving forward?

For now, Strand may be thought of as the true savior for the group. He is insanely rich, has a temporary sanctuary by the coast, and helped to ensure that the majority of them survived. Griselda and Liza are the most notable casualties going into season 2.

As bad as their world may seem, the one positive is that surprisingly, much of the fame is still together and there for each other. The love between Travis and Madison has not gone away, and the question remains just how long on the coast they can remain safe. They are cornered, and things are only going to get so much worse for them now.

We will say as a whole that the finale was the strongest episode of season 1 given that we started to become invested in some of these characters, and it is fascinating to see how this new group is starting to handle and embrace the danger that they are facing. Episode Grace: A-.

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