‘Blue Bloods’ season 6, episode 2 review: More David Ramsey! Also, the search for a serial killer

Absolute Power -We have to admit: We celebrate every time we get a chance to see David Ramsey on an episode of “Blue Bloods.” This is not something that is a particularly regular occasion anymore thanks to his regular gig over on “Arrow,” but he was back as the Mayor Poole this week during a time of crisis. There is an election coming up, and Frank had to start to play the odds in order to ensure that no matter who ends up in office, he was covered.

Therefore, Frank took it upon himself in order to ensure that he did not have its hand caught in the cookie jar, or that he was holding onto information. Maybe this is one of the reasons why he decided to tell Poole’s competitor about her husband’s in-office affair. He wouldn’t say how he got the information, just that he did. He do wonder if Poole is meant to lose his spot soon, if for no other reason than that Ramsey is clearly a busy man.

Danny’s quest – A serial killer was on the loose in New York City, which for the second straight week threw Donnie Wahlberg’s character into the first. This was a rough case, and one with a particularly violent altercation near the end. Danny was able to stop a potential victim, but in the process suffered broken bones and needed stitches. Not only that, but the case is far from closed. Maybe this is something we will tough on down the road. For now, this is the most heartbreaking story of the episode because there is the potential for more murder to take place.

Eddie’s story – Was Eddie actually set to forgive her father? Early on in the episode, it looked a little like he was a drug user, trader, and a nasty criminal. He certainly has not been the best father in the world; the prison record proves that. However, he did a good thing in this episode, and maybe that did bring the two a little bit closer … that and a conversation about why he did some of the things that he did in the past.

In the end, “Absolute Power” was a powerful, compelling story, but one that also did not have a happy ending. If you were looking for rainbows and sunshine on Friday night, this was not your episode; this is what this show is, though, so we can’t penalize it because the good guys did not exactly win. With that said, at least David Ramsey was around to make us smile. Episode Grade: B+.

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