‘Shark Tank’ video: Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions and a lesson from Barbara Corcoran

Sharks -We’ve made our support of Barbara Corcoran on “Shark Tank” pretty clear. We find her incredibly entertaining (which is very important for a TV show), but to go along with that she is intelligent and completely honest with people who enter the Tank. You definitely get a good sense of this in the sneak peek below, which focuses on a conversation with her and who we presume is Mikki Bey from Mikki Bey Eyelash Extensions.

Here, Barbara articulates perfectly something that is often on the mind of many viewers when watching people cry in the Tank: It’s not always a great look. She wants to see entrepreneurs be aggressive and passionate, and she has a tendency to reevaluate people the moment that she starts to see them tear up in work environment. She doesn’t want them to turn into emotionless robots; she just wants to see them cry in private and be tough in public.

The reason we like this moment in the video is because it is someone handing out applicable real-world advice versus giving a TV soundbyte. There have been moments in “Shark Tank” history where we feel like an emotional story has swayed a Shark into making a deal, and we don’t love that. Why? We’re not sure it would happen in the real world.

Also, we want Barbara in every episode.

We honestly don’t know whether or not Mikki Bey’s business is worthy of an investment or not, mostly because we haven’t seen any of the financials on it yet. We do admire that she seems to have poured everything into her business, but passion doesn’t always equal success.

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