‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 2, episode 2 review: Nate’s fate and another death

Nate -Apologies for the rhyme above in the title. Even with a show like “How to Get Away with Murder,” don’t you need a little bit of lightness here and there?

The second episode of season 2 on Thursday night was an exercise in manipulation for many characters, and it was also a learning experience. For learn, we learned yet another way to cause a mistrial! The case against Nate ended up being just as much a case against Annalise, and after Eve started to attack her personally in the midst of the case, their relationship was damaged severely … at least at first. Nate is seemingly safe for now, but this is a case that could be brought up again soon. We almost hope that it is handled a different way next time, though, mostly because you never want to see the same thing twice.

The two came back together for a powerful moment at the end of the episode, one that made it clear that Eve still had serious feelings for her, and that kept her from being able to ever move forward with her own life. Thanks to this, the personal connection is beating stronger than it has at any point so far. It’s a shame that we just don’t see it ending well. In Annalise’s world, things have a tendency to never last too long … including possibly her own life.

Even later in the episode than the Annalise – Eve love scene, the latest big reveal was that Annalise was not the only person in grave danger in the flash-forward. Emily Sinclair is seemingly dead, so whoever targeted them wanted them both gone. It’s a little early to find a suspect, but clearly some of Professor Keating’s students are not willing to stick around and help. Episode Grade: B+.

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