ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 5, episode 2 debate: Who spoiled Fitz and Olivia’s big secret?

Scandal -Going into Thursday night’s new episode of “Scandal,” we will begin with an admission that we have utterly no idea just yet as to who is responsible for leaking Olivia and Fitz’s relationship to Sally Langston. It is not even clear just yet if this is something that the ABC series plans on addressing anytime in the near future.

Until the moment they reveal the truth, we’re going to be looking at almost every possibility that we can like a member of the Gladiators (minus of course all of the violence and drama that comes along with it). Speculating on the truth is ultimately what this whole article is about! Check out our suspects, and vote at the bottom for who you think is the guilty party.

Mellie – She has to be #1 on any suspect list. She’s angry about Fitz and the divorce papers, and thought at least on the surface like there was actually change their insanely dysfunctional relationship could turn into something. Not so much. With this said, Mellie is smart enough to know that she’s got some skeletons, and if anyone could have the power to reveal these to the public, it is Olivia. With her political career underway, she has something to lose.

Cyrus – Meanwhile, Does Cy have anything to lose? He’s unemployed, he’s experienced heartbreak, and he is someone with the connections and the free time to pull off this sort of coup. After being abandoned for Elizabeth North, the motive is clearly here.

Elizabeth – Maybe she doesn’t want to spend so much time having to cover for these two. It could make some sense for her to get all of this out there, that way they can deal with it and everyone can start to move forward.

Fitz – Think about it: He wants everything out there, and couldn’t care less for the consequences. This show is not above just having him be the responsible party and then waiting to see what comes around as a result.

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