‘Agents of SHIELD’ season 3 premiere reaction: Is tension coming for Daisy, Coulson?

Coulson -The season 3 premiere of “Agents of SHIELD” on ABC Tuesday night accomplished quite a bit. For one, it threw Jemma Simmons completely into parts unknown, and the featured many of the Agents having to spend so much time worry about other things that she could not always be on the top of the priority list. For example, you’ve got the arrival of Lash occupying Daisy, Coulson having to learn to use his new hand, and Bobbi and Lance figuring out whatever it is that they have going on. Fitz is off trying to do a series of heroic gestures to save her, but he is far from the most experienced in the realm of risking his life.

Eventually, we figure that a rescue mission for Jemma will be afoot, perhaps as early as the next new episode. Moving beyond that, we’ve got the arrival of one of the show’s most formidable forces in the Secret Warriors, which are slowly coming together under the new leadership of Daisy. Just as she has started to understand her own powers better, she has been given more power by Coulson and has the freedom to make more key decisions.

Another Marvel superhero once heard “with great power comes great responsibility,” so is it possible that her rise leads to conflict between her and the Director? Is the responsibility of leading a team so soon going to be too much? You would think that friction would be coming at any turn, but as Clark Gregg told TVLine in a premiere postmortem, there’s really no issue thanks to everyone understanding their role in the team:

“…He gave it to her. He promoted her. She’s not the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., but he’s always felt that she is special and that she has leadership capabilities … She has a unique perspective on what it’s like to be Inhuman. The concept of Secret Warriors is to put together a team of people who have powers. She seems uniquely suited to that, and he welcomes her growth and her new power. There certainly will be times when she voices her opinion in ways that are uncomfortable or hard to get used to or maybe even takes some liberties because of their closeness. But you know what, if you love people, you’ve got to give them a chance to reach their fullest potential, and that’s what’s strong about Coulson.”

Isn’t Coulson such a great guy? We want to say that earnestly, but we know that in due time, he will do something that makes us question his actions extensively. This paragraph is a preemptive strike against that, since he has enough of a capacity for controversial decisions to make us change our mind.

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