‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 17, episode 3 video: A further look at ‘Transgender Bridge’

Law & Order: SVU logoWe’ve known for weeks that “Law & Order: SVU” was preparing to take on the transgender movement for an upcoming episode, and after watching the latest sneak peek for Wednesday’s “Transgender Bridge,” there is still no indication as to how the story is going to end.

Here is what we can tell you about the case for now: It begins with a young teen named Avery who was pushed off of a bridge in the middle of a confrontation. The sneak peek below features Avery identifying the young man responsible for doing this from a police lineup. The boy’s mother is also present in the precinct, and she does everything that she can to desperately connect with Avery and apologize on his behalf, saying that he is “very sorry” for what happened.

So why are Avery’s parents so desperate to get the mother away? We feel like the primary reason for that is that they don’t want her potentially clouding Avery’s judgment, or feeling some sort of guilt for continuing to prosecute the boy for doing what they did. Or, maybe they are wanting to consider some sort of civil recourse after what happens in family court. Based on the conversation between the mother and Fin at the end of the sneak peek, that is where we seem to be heading.

One thing that you do always have to remember with “SVU” is that no story is cut-and-dry, and there may be much more going on here than we see on the surface.

(Photo: NBC.)

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