‘Doctor Who’ season 9, episode 3 video: Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman introduce ‘Under the Lake’

Doctor Who -The story of Davros on “Doctor Who” is over for now, and the same goes for seeing Missy meddling in the lives of The Doctor and Clara Oswald. There are always more opportunities for that later.

Now, someone find Sebastian the Crab, since we are heading officially under the sea! “Under the Lake” kicks off the next two-parter on Saturday, and as Steven Moffat explains in the video below, the show is actually keeping things fairly simple. While the writers have come up with many crazy creatures over the years, something the show has not delved into as much are ghost stories. This is basically going to be how “Doctor Who” handles such a story, and how Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman’s characters try to help a group of people who are haunted at an underwater base.

The visuals of the ghosts are certainly cool enough, but our question remains the same with these ghosts as it would be with many others: What do you to make them more dangerous than others that we have seen over the years? If ghosts cannot touch or impact anything within the real world, can they really hurt you? Maybe if they have some sort of special power they could, but much of that is going to be up to how Moffat and company decide to present these supernatural beings.

We’ll have some other news related to this story to present you more than likely before the weekend, but both in terms of visuals and storytelling, we are excited for this one. So long as there is a solid foundation laid out, we are thrilled to see the show take on new ideas and concepts.

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