NBC’s ‘The Voice’ review: Jubal & Amanda, Tyler Dickerson, Chris Crump perform in audition show #3

VoiceTonight, “The Voice” returned with what is, simply, more of the same. We had a chance to see some of the other artists waiting in the wings perform, and prove that they deserve a place on a team. The blind auditions are always the best parts of the show, even if we will always have our qualms such as the predictable no-chair turn and some of the recycled banter we’ve heard a few times over.

Just as we have done all season long so far, we’re going to give you our impressions of this episode as it happens! Ultimately, we find it a better way to give each contestant their moment in the spotlight.

Morgan Frazier – Take a look at her resume right now: She’s a young singer who dabbles in country and lives in Nashville. Who do you think that she is going to pick? She’s a good singer that could have benefited from Gwen’s knowledge, but think of this as that predictable addition to Team Blake you saw coming. We saw Adam Levine beat him once on a country artist last week, and that is probably the last one we’ll see for a while.

Amanda Ayala – Cool song choice in “Mississippi Queen,” but we do think that she’s still fairly raw as a performer and could use a little more time maturing her voice. This will be an interesting test for Adam, who secured her after everyone but Gwen turned around. Can he bring the best out of her quickly?

Jeffrey Austin – Sam Smith’s somewhat-overdone at this point, so we wish he did something that helped him stand out more. The voice is there, but he needs to work further on that charisma and presence. Given that he now has Gwen as a mentor, maybe he will get that opportunity.

Lyndsey Elm – Usually when someone chooses a song as contemporary and upbeat as “Lips Are Moving,” it’s not a great indicator that they will get a turn. Kudos to Lyndsey for proving herself to be the exception. She said that she wanted Pharrell going in, but ultimately, she is now teaming up with Gwen.

Manny Cabo – We saw Manny’s blind audition teased during some promos earlier in the day, and knew as a result of that he would be someone worth watching on the show! Given that he is a rocker, we cannot be shocked that he picked Adam. However, we are stunned that the guy is over 40. He looks maybe 35.

Madi Davis – Madi’s got some of that fun, quirky style that you you like to see on Team Pharrell, and the Carole King song helped add to her charm. Now that we’ve said all of this, can we issue a request to producers? Stop making this so obviously. When you start things off with a reminder that Pharrell doesn’t have a team member, we know what is coming.

Chris Crump – Apparently, the guy left his wedding reception to audition for the show. After that, he really had to hope that he got someone to turn around for him! Luckily, all four coaches were interested, and he actually made a surprising choice in Blake. We like it, mostly because there aren’t many people like him there and he may be able to stand out.

Tyler Dickerson – It’s kind of funny how Blake apparently already knew Tyler and he ended up on his team without opposition. This may actually be one of the few times the other coaches did the right thing in saving themselves from having to compete.

Jubal & Amanda – For the final audition of the night … we had a proposal! Yes, that really did happen! You may have to take a minute to remember that there was actually a pretty solid performance mixed in here, and that the two are now on Pharrell’s team.

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