‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ Bayon rankings: Where Jeremy Collins, Tasha Fox stand before episode 2

Jeremy -

Now that “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance” has officially begun, this marks an opportunity for us to sit back, react, and reflect a little on what we’ve seen, so with that being said – it’s time to bring back our contestant rankings! These are spoiler-free, and a great way to see with context where certain players are leading into an upcoming episode. We’re dividing them by tribes until the merge, mostly because we don’t know how you can compare people in different social dynamics.

In case you’re wondering the criteria, it is as follows: Strategy, alliances, challenge ability, social game, threat level, and usefulness around camp. We’re not sure what the order is there, mostly because it changes depending on what part of the game you are in.

10. Stephen Fishbach – We wish it didn’t have to be so. We love Stephen, and we’d probably be even worse at cutting that branch if we were in his shoes. The problem is that he doesn’t seem to have any allies right now, and he’s not a physical asset.

9. Kass McQuillen – We actually thought that Kass did a pretty good job of acclimating herself in the premiere, and we personally predicted her to make it past the merge before the season. This placement is just indicative of the danger she is always going to be in early in the game. She’s just an easy target and not always easy to trust.

8. Ciera Eastin – We’re worried about Ciera mostly for similar reasons. She showed that she was a huge strategic threat in her first season, and if you are aligned with her, you have to know that she will act with her self-interest in mind faster than most. Also, we haven’t seen her forge many bonds yet.

7. Joe Anglim – Yep, we’re crazy for ranking Joe this low, but it is going to take a lot to keep us from thinking that he is the most obvious threat. He’s strong, smart, likable, and could easily win his way to the end. After “Worlds Apart,” people have to be terrified of this.

6. Kimmi Kappenberg – We have not had a sense yet of anything that is putting Kimmi Kappenberg in danger like she was in Australia. We’re always going to be worried that she is a little combustible, but for now we don’t see any reason why someone would take her out first.

5. Keith Nale – Jeremy for now has a tentative deal with Keith, and so long as you don’t get him too involved in strategic plans, he’s an easy person to keep around and someone who will contribute at camp and in challenges. There’s not a big downside to him.

4. Andrew Savage – Like Keith, he’s got a good thing going right now when it comes to an alliance. With that said, if someone like Stephen is able to mount a counter-alliance to eliminate the threat, don’t you think that he is going to go after someone like Savage, who is openly targeting him, first?

3. Monica Padilla – We have not seen much yet from Monica in terms of alliances or social game, but we still think she’s situated very well. She’s reminiscent in some ways of Brenda Lowe in Caramoan in that you know she’s a pretty good player, but she’s probably destined to be under-the-radar for a while.

2. Tasha Fox – She’s the strongest female player on her tribe, and she’s in good with the whole Jeremy / Joe / Savage / Keith crew for the time being. Of that group, isn’t she one of the last people you would go after pre-merge?

1. Jeremy Collins – We are always going to be worried about someone who is such a physical threat, but we don’t know how you walk away from the premiere thinking that Jeremy did anything other than an amazing job with forming a great alliance we’ve mentioned a few times? While he is still someone who could be a target, we left the premiere feeling better about him than anyone.

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