‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 2, episode 1 review: ‘Who killed Rebecca?’ is only the beginning

How to Get Away with Murder -

It seems at this point to be all about “kill or be killed” on ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder.” The latest proof of this very thing can be found in the season premiere episode airing on Thursday night.

Let us start by taking on the first real shocker of note from the episode: The death of Rebecca. It was Bonnie who killer her, deranged and seemingly convinced that Annalise Keating would be proud of her for the noble, valiant act. Instead, she was disgusted, and this puts into motion yet another chain of events that could lead to Bonnie being in a precarious position. To think, Annalise already had to deal with a grief-stricken Wes, who seems no longer interested in caring about his job or what happened involving him and Sam Keating. He almost wants to disappear from the world. What a stark contrast between this and the Wes we met at the start of season one.

Now, we turn to what we would consider the second thing worth noting: The arrival of Eve (Famke Janssen), Annalise’s old classmate from Harvard and an accomplished death-row inmate. Her taking Nate’s case eventually is worth noting, but what about that kiss? What do we make of that? Annalise is someone we had assumed was simply heterosexual, mostly because there was no real evidence to the contrary.

Let’s proceed now to shocker #3: Is Annalise dead? It’s hard to imagine show, but the flash-forward at the end of the episode brought us two months into the future, where her body was bleeding out inside of a mansion. We have to think that the remainder of the season will be bringing us to this point, especially since this home seems connected to the case of the siblings who allegedly killed their mother, the same case that she was fighting for all episode.

In the end, we feel like this premiere is everything a fan of “How to Get Away with Murder” would want: Something dark, twisted, surprising, and entertaining. Even though nothing ever makes a whole lot of sense, you still cannot fight the impulse to keep watching. Grade: B+.

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