‘Big Brother 17’ finale: James Huling on popularity, big moves, and ‘Survivor’ during backyard interviews

JamesEven though he was eliminated on “Big Brother” weeks ago, it was still pretty clear to us that James Huling was beloved by the fans. His antics on the live feed were legendary, and we saw a wide array of really great stuff from him in the Diary Room.

So what did he have to say for himself in the backyard after the show? We’ve got a few select comments that he made to Big Jeff on the feeds, which we have transcribed in the event you don’t have them or simply weren’t around.

On being America’s favorite – “I can’t believe, but I can believe it at the same time. It’s been crazy this whole summer, I’m glad America reciprocated.”

On the final two – “Final two was crazy. I was really rooting for Vanessa to be honest, and when she came out the door, I had to buckle down and see where my vote [was going to go] … If she was in the final two she would have had my vote. She was strong in the whole thing.”

On his favorite moment – “I got a few, but my most favorite moment would be when someone was trying to take me out of that house, and then I won a Veto or an HoH, and they knew that I was coming for ’em!

On who he is going to keep in touch with – “I don’t hate any one of them. In the game, you kind of build up a lot of ‘I don’t like this person,’ but they’re all great people.”

On what he’s going to take away from this – “Watching Steve become a man. He was that socially awkward kid, and not he’s out and he’s talking about dating and girls. He’s got a nice haircut.”

On his future plans – “I’d love to do ‘Survivor,’ more reality shows. Something tougher.”

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