‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 15 review: The confession club

Faking ItClearly, there are some people within the “Faking It” writers room who adore “The Breakfast Club.” In so many ways, Monday’s new episode of the MTV show was as clear of an homage to the classic movie as anything that we’ve seen, from the detention setting to even some of the music at the end.

What also made this a particularly smart episode is the way in which most of the setup for detention proved successful. For example, there were several logical reasons why these characters would be in detention: Liam took a conference call during class, Amy ditched class to spend time with her father (who was in town), while Karma fell asleep from exhaustion after trying to earn some extra money doing catering. Most of it made sense.

Also, we learned a variety of things in the process thanks to all of the confessions that came out of confining most of the primary cast into one place, and hopefully this inspires them to be a little more honest for a change. For one, everyone now knows that Lauren is with Theo, just as everyone knows that Liam’s father tried to pay off Karma with $250,000 so that she would not spend any time with him. Clearly, he didn’t want any distractions from the business matter at hand. Meanwhile, Amy revealed the truth about spending time with her dad, and Shane finally made it clear that he was heartbroken over outing Duke … so much so that the “escape mission” of the episode was him rushing to find him before he left for a training session.

Unfortunately for Shane, Duke may be gone for good. Did we get the sense that he forgave him? Not entirely. He accepted Shane’s apology, but is not ready to have him back in his life. Maybe he will turn up again down the road, but at the moment, we get the feeling that he is out of the picture.

Whether it be learning that Felix’s dad is the most hated man in school or seeing Liam decide to completely torch his job with Squirkle into the ground, this was probably the best “Faking It” season 2 episode since the second half started. Having that sort of teen angst and story development is important, but so is playing to a larger crowd and having humor. This is an episode that executed everything. Grade: B+.

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