‘Big Brother 17’ review: How do you review a review?

LizTonight’s new episode of “Big Brother 17” is really one that is very hard to review critically, mostly because of the sole fact that it was a recap episode. There is very little here that we would consider “new material,” other than a few scenes that viewers of the show may not have had a chance to see before now. The rest of it was regurgitation.

We will say here that there were still a few fun things that came out of watching this.

1. Seeing how Liz acted first around Austin, and then comparing that to how she was around around day 60 or so.

2. The Diary Room segment was fun mostly because of the way it was edited. There were a few things in here that either we did not remember, or we had never seen before now. The best part of it was clearly Audrey blanketing while sitting on the chair.

3. Reminders of Da’Vonne, Becky, James, and other fun people who were to us gone too soon.

As for the rest of the special, it was mostly filler, and for the most part there was a lot of semi-scripted material in here.

We know that we are going into the final Head of Household Competition now, but know this: The first part of it is all sorts of insane, and that is something that we’re really hoping to see more of. As for the┬árest of this episode, we’re going to try to forget about the majority of it moving forward.

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