‘Big Brother 17’ live feed spoilers: Steve confirms his final two decision

steveJust in case anyone out there did start to seriously consider that Steve was going to do something insane in the “Big Brother 17” house during Wednesday’s finale, rest assured that he will not. This is not another Cody that we are dealing with here.

In the house late Saturday in one of the rare moments of gameplay we’ve seen this weekend, he started to practice his speech in the event that he wins the final Head of Household, stating that he does not want to be in a similar situation to last year where he takes someone based on loyalty, and then loses $450,000 because of it. He specifically mentioned Johnny Mac talking about how she is the Derrick, how she has played a brilliant game, and how hard she would be to defeat at the end. All of this is true, and to us there is zero debate as to whether or not Steve is making the right move in not bringing her along for the ride.

Ultimately, what Steve has to do is win the last challenge, and that is what we’re concerned about. While Steve is generally great at many of the questions-and-answers competitions, typically this is about what jury members think. Vanessa is very good at reading people; meanwhile, Steve is somewhat socially-awkward, and may not be able to predict what the responses of people could be to a given situation.

Also, does Steve have that extra gear of competitiveness to really focus in and get the job done? While he has won a Veto or two to save himself over the course of the season, he hasn’t always responded well to the pressure. We want to see him give it his all, and we’ll figure out what happens from there.

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