‘Law & Order: SVU’ season 17, episode 1 video: Benson, Rollins’ crisis over Yates

Law & Order: SVU logoWith the premiere of “Law & Order: SVU” coming in dramatic two-hour fashion on Wednesday night, NBC was nice enough this week to release something that any fan should be excited to see: Some of the first real scenes from what is going to be a chilling TV event.

While you don’t see Yates in either one of the sneak peeks, we should make it very clear that Dallas Roberts is going to be back after playing such a big part in the last “Chicago PD” – “Chicago Fire” crossover.

1. Finding a body – A new body has been discovered at Yates’ old burial ground, the team immediately has a number of serious concerns. Is this a body that the team just missed, or is it possible that this is a body that was left after Yates was put behind bars? As Benson and company realize, the latter is a far more terrifying possibility, and there is a clue that this could be a new killer: The body is of a brunette, while all of Yates’ other victims were blondes. Just one difference when it comes to the calling card is enough to be a cause for concern.

2. Barba enters the picture – Hey, it’s Raul Esparza with his skin back together! (“Hannibal” joke; don’t pass go if you missed it.) Benson and Rollins go to Barba, and it looks like there is some sort of negotiation with Yates to try and get what they want from them. Specifically, we’re talking here that Yates wants to see and “touch” his fiancee, and maybe then he will be willing to actually be of some sort of use.

(Photo: NBC.)

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