‘Big Brother 17’ exclusive: John ‘Johnny Mac’ McGuire on eviction, endgame plans, final four Veto

JohnWe’ve made no secret of our love of Johnny Mac this season on “Big Brother.” We loved him as a character from the moment we first heard him speak in preseason interviews, and since that time he’s continued to be this super-magnetic, super-entertaining personality. He’s a little bit quirky and a little bit out there, but that is a part of his charm.

John was also a great exit interview to do; sure, it would have been great if he was still in the house, but at times it was hard to read in the game where his head was at and this was a chance for some clarity. Also, we appreciate that he gave us some solid responses here, which is not always something that happens when you’ve got someone having to reply to dozens of people in a short amount of time. At a certain point, we get a sense that some are over it.

CarterMatt – How strongly did you consider evicting Steve over Austin at final five? What made you decide to keep Steve in the game?

It came down to the final 4 veto. If it was going to be a nerdy mental comp, I thought Steve would have a better chance than Vanessa and he would help me out with it. I really didn’t want Vanessa to get her hands on that veto. It turns out, I did better than Steve, so thanks Steve. Good for nothing!

When you came back in the house after being evicted, did you approach the game any differently?

Yeah, when I came back the second time, I pretty much abandoned all loyalty with everyone. I didn’t care who got evicted and just wanted to get to the end.

You were someone who throughout the game was on the block, and even times was asked to throw competitions. How were you able to keep your cool during some of those moments?

I felt like I had a good read on the houseguests at all times because I had a good read on their vibes. When you have enough of those vibes, you get less nervous because you know they’re on board with the plan.

If you had won Veto and evicted Vanessa, would you have went to the final two with Steve over Liz if given the opportunity to choose?

Yeah, it didn’t really matter which ones of those I would take. I would have beaten both of them but I’d probably take Steve since I had a better relationship with him and would have liked to see him win some money as well.

Was it frustrating for you to never win Head of Household, or do you think that sometimes players put too much stock into winning these and not enough into finding ways to stay alive?

Yeah, people definitely do put too much stock in them. The thing about HOHs, you can’t do it just because you think people are after you. You should only win HOH when you have a target you want to get out because when you win, you make enemies from the people you nominate. It’s very frustrating not being able to win HOH when you want it because you have no control of the game. You just have to react to it and it’s kind of annoying.

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