The mystery of ‘The Splat,’ and what it means for ’90s Nickelodeon series

The Splat -

Over the past 24 hours, a story has really gone viral about the origins of something somewhat-mysterious entitled The Splat, which has popped up across social media with teases that something is coming soon. Things really started to explode courtesy of the video below, which features a wide array of highlights featuring popular cartons like “Rugrats,” “Rocko’s Modern Life,” “CatDog,” “Rocket Power,” and more.

So what is The Splat trying to accomplish? There are stories out there suggesting that it is a new network being planned to focus on popular programming from what many consider to be the golden age of Nickelodeon; however, what we’ve heard more recently (via Entertainment Weekly) is that this is going to be a new programming block launching in October. Isn’t this a lot of effort just to promote something like that? We buy what EW is selling here, but we do wonder whether or not this is meant to be a testing ground for something that could become something much greater down the line.

The biggest piece of evidence that we have of The Splat eventually being something more is that Nick’s sister station TeenNick is already airing a block entitled The ’90s Are All That, which for the most part fulfills a similar purpose of providing memorable programming from decades past. Why hype up what is effectively the same thing for so long?

Hopefully, we’ll learn more on this mystery moving forward, but for now this seems separate from Nickelodeon’s recently-announced plans to try and revive popular series from years past in new ways.

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