‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 13 preview: Do Shane and Duke have an official status?

Shane and Duke is one of the more compelling subplots taking shape at the moment on “Faking It,” mostly because Shane perceives himself to be a better liar than every other character on the show combined. He feels like he can mask his feelings better than anyone, and also that nobody is ever going to figure out what lies underneath the surface unless he really wants for them to.

Here is where things start to get complicated: As viewers, we can see almost crystal-clear what is going on with him, even if no one else can. While he claims to be more than fine keeping the truth from Duke about him being responsible for publicly outing him, it’s clear to us that this is something eating away at him. He’s got what he wants, but the fear of this secret overtaking his relationship is huge. He’s already seen with Karma, Amy, and Liam what happens when the truth does get out … and it is not pretty.

One other secret that Shane is keeping potentially from even himself? That he probably does want to be monogamous, even if he tells Duke in the sneak-peek below from Monday night’s new episode that he is fine with the two of them being in an open relationship. His claim here is mostly that since Duke has just come out, he may need some time to really get accustomed to being an openly-gay man in the world.

Our frustration with “Faking It” as a series is that you would think sooner or later that one of these characters would realize that dishonesty gets them nowhere, and yet none of them seem to get it. Shane and many other characters still seem content to think that the rules do not apply to them.

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