Netflix ‘Jessica Jones’ season 1, episode 10 review: Did Jessica save Hope?

Things are getting very interesting on “Jessica Jones” now that Jessica has realized that Kilgrave’s powers don’t work on her anymore. What makes it even more layered is that Kilgrave realizes that the secret is out, something he has known for a long time. With Kilgrave on the run and no power over the one person he wants to control, how is this all going to play out?

Kilgrave controls Hogarth to drive him to a doctor and she brings him to Wendy to patch him up. She tells Kilgrave that she and Jessica helped Hope miscarry his baby and that she kept the remains of the baby to see if his power could be replicated, but it didn’t work. He commands Wendy to kill Hogarth by a thousand cuts after getting stitched up, but she is saved by Pam leaving Wendy is dead and Pam and Hogarth broken up from all the lies.

Kilgrave’s father reveals that his son doesn’t have mind control power’s per-say – that it’s actually a virus that he omits and others take in, but Jessica is immune to it now. He thinks that with Jessica, he can create a vaccine to inoculate everyone. Trish takes some of Jessica’s blood and she goes with Kilgrave’s father to find a vaccine.

Now that Will is taking some red pills, he’s on some weird rampage that we don’t quite understand. He’s killed Clemons for no reason after telling Will where Trish is and then burned all the evidence that they collected on Kilgrave. He arrives at the hotel and starts becoming undone, but Trish is able to throw him out and steal his red pills. We really don’t understand where this Will story is going and feel that this is the weakest plot of every episode so far this season.

Kilgrave shows up at Jessica’s apartment and tells her that he visited the DA and got Hope released by mind controlling them into thinking she was innocent, so she will be released in the morning, but he wants something in return or he will mind control Hope right back into prison: He wants his father. When Hope is released, Kilgrave picks her up and demands the exchange of his father for Hope. His father has made the untested vaccine, inoculates himself with it and goes to meet with Kilgrave.

At the restaurant, Kilgrave has all of the victims from the survivor group ready to hang themselves if he doesn’t get his father. Very intense scene to say the least – like a gallow of Jessica’s guilt laid out in front of her. Hope calls for Jessica to kill him, but she still won’t because her guild over Hope is too much. The vaccine doesn’t work and Kilgrave is able to escape with his father in tow while Jessica tries to save Hope who has stabbed herself and the group who has now also hung themselves. She saves the people that have hung themselves, but as Hope lays dying she says that with her dead Jessica has no more guilt to save her and she can kill him now, and Jessica promises her that she will.

The moment that really stuck with us from this episode was the memory of those 18 seconds where Jessica wasn’t under Kilgrave’s control and she kissed him of her own free will. He felt that it meant that some part of her wanted to be with him, but she says that it was her opportunity to escape (which she didn’t take.) We’ve said before that there is a great chemistry between these two, but it’s a relationship that will never (and should never) be realized. Episode grade: B

With the end of “Jessica Jones” season 1 coming up, how do you want to see it all wrapped up? Leave us your thoughts in the comment box below and tell us what you think.

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