Netflix ‘Jessica Jones’ season 1, episode 9 review: Does Kilgrave have mind control over Jessica?

On the last episode of “Jessica Jones” we learned a lot about Jessica’s past and Kilgrave’s childhood right before Jessica found an opportunity to sedate him, steal his flash drive that has the videos of his childhood abuse, and kidnap him. She finally has her chance to stop him, but will she have the strength to go through with it?

Jessica has Kilgrave locked up in the sealed room and she is torturing him with videos of his childhood and electric shock until he tells the truth about what he’s done. Hogarth tells Jessica that any confession she gets from Kilgrave will be under duress and she suggests that Jessica let him go now that Hope is being offered a plea deal that will land her in jail for 15 year instead of life. She also tells Jessica that if she can get a video of Kilgrave using his powers with a legal witness (a cop or a judge present) then she might have enough to sway a juror.

When Kilgrave is left alone with Hogarth, he can see that she is still fighting Wendy over settlement money, and suggests that if he does have these powers, that he can help her right this situation. We know how desperate Hogarth is, but she doesn’t take the deal.

Jessica asks Hogarth to be the legal witness as she goes into the container and have Kilgrave control her on tape. Jessica goes into the room and starts taunting him to use his powers and when that doesn’t work, she starts physically beating him. When it becomes evident that Jessica is going to kill him, Trish shocks them both unconscious and pulls Jessica out of the room.

They realize that the people that can actually break Kilgrave down enough to use his powers are his parents. After doing some research Jessica realizes that Kilgrave’s mother is part of the support group that Malcolm put together and Jessica tracks her down. This leads Jessica to both of Kilgrave’s parents and she convinces them that they need to help end what they started.

Jessica returns with his parents as well as Detective Clemons (he decided to come arrest her after she sent him the video of her beating Kilgrave). His parents go into the room and his mother apologizes to him and then stabs Kilgrave in front of everyone. Kilgrave tells his mother to pick up the scissors and to stab herself for every year she left him alone. She does what he tells her and when Jessica tries to use the shock to save her it shorts out. Instead Kilgrave is now on the run with Clemons by his side as a mind controlled body guard while Jessica tries to control the mess he’s left behind.

This episode ended with Kilgrave trying to control Jessica and it not working. Does he even have any control over her anymore? She realized that after killing Luke’s wife that his control over her mind stopped in that moment and that it’s not that Kilgrave has changed and wants her to do things on her own for him, it’s that he can’t control her anymore. A very interesting development now that Jessica is aware of it. Episode grade: B+

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