Netflix ‘Jessica Jones’ season 1, episode 6 review: Luke Cage learns the truth about his wife

We are basically halfway through the Netflix “Jessica Jones” series and things are starting to get good. There’s been a long, slow build up with Kilgrave coming back into Jessica’s life and now that she’s struck a deal with him to give him photos of herself to him every day in Malcolm’s place, we wonder if he’s ready to have Jessica under his control again or if there’s something more he wants from her?

We haven’t seen Luke in a while (with good reason), but he has shown up on Jessica’s doorstep and wants to hire her. He wants her to find a kid he promised to protect and the reason that Luke is so interested in helping this kid is because his sister has information on his wife’s death, proof that it wasn’t just an accident. Jessica gets the brother back and is able to convince the sister to hand over the evidence that Luke wants, but Luke catches up to Jessica (after she leaves him for dead) and gets his hands on the file himself. The file reveals that the bus driver that “hit his wife” was drunk and that’s why it wasn’t an “accident” – he learns nothing about Jessica’s involvement. Luke finds out that this bus driver’s drinking was covered up and is still driving the same route like it never happened and now Luke is on a mission to kill him. Jessica stops Luke by telling him the truth about her involvement in his wife’s death. Luke is incredibly hurt, not only because she killed his wife, but because she slept with him and made him feel that he could move on when in fact she was just lying to him this whole time.  Luke learning about Kilgrave and the mind control isn’t enough to change how he feels.

Jessica finds out that Hope was attacked in jail and that she’s now in the infirmary. She is worried that the person that attacked Hope was under Kilgrave’s control, but she finds out that Hope paid an inmate to attack her, because Hope learns that she’s pregnant and wants the baby gone. The beating doesn’t cause her to miscarriage and is determined to find a way to end the pregnancy, so Jessica gets Hogarth to help her…but she wants the baby. What is she going to do?

This episode was a real blow to Luke (and to all of us out there that love Luke and Jessica together). If these two are ever going to get together there needs to be some serious changes on Jessica’s part and even then, how do you forgive someone for killing your wife and then lying about it? It’s going to be a long road for these two. Episode grade: B+

Do you feel there’s enough story and character development on “Jessica Jones” for the halfway mark in her series? Leave us your thoughts in the comment box below.

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