Netflix ‘Jessica Jones’ season 1, episode 4 review: Trish apologizes to Kilgrave, is it enough?

Trish found herself in some hot water on the last episode of “Jessica Jones” when she made a public declaration of Kilgrave’s evil intentions and insulted him to her listeners. Is she going to find a way to gain his forgiveness or is he going to keep coming after her?

The officer that tried to kill Trish (Will) is having horrible regret over the situation now that he is no longer under Kilgrave’s control and even though he knows that Trish is still alive, it isn’t enough and he wants to help protect her  in the event that Kilgrave learns that Trish is still alive. Will tries to make amends with Trish by giving her a gun to protect herself, but she can’t forgive him… that is until they spend all night talking to each other through Trish’s door. By the end of the night, she forgives him and let’s him inside her apartment. This was something we were really excited to see since it’s easy to let a character like that be consumed by fear and never get close to anyone again.

Jessica has an idea to stop Kilgrave’s attack on Trish and it’s having her go on the air and publicly apologize to him. Kilgrave sends a message to Jessica through an 8 year old girl saying that he accepts Trish’s apology and that she is safe for now. Trish’s on air apology inspired many others that think they have been under Kilgrave’s control to come forward and through this Jessica meets a man that claims to have driven Kilgrave around for a week. He says that he remembers seeing a man that delivered photographs to Kilgrave every day at 10 am. He is able to give Jessica enough information for her to take a different look at the footage that Will gave her and she sees the man he described… and it’s Malcolm.

We weren’t sold on the Trish character over the past few episodes but this episode really turned her around for us. We like that she’s trying to take control of her pain and fear, but still has the ability to forgive and trust (to some degree anyways). She has a lot more layers to her then we originally thought and this was a great episode to make us really care for her. Episode grade: B-

What did you think of this episode of “Jessica Jones” are do you like the story for the season so far? Leave us a comment below and share your thoughts on the show.

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