Netflix ‘Jessica Jones’ season 1, episode 2 review: Has Jessica found Kilgrave’s weakness?

We have made it through the first episode of Netflix new series “Jessica Jones” and so far we have to say we are liking what we are seeing. We were introduced to Jessica and her private investigation business, her love interest Luke Cage and Kilgrave taking control over another young woman then making her kill her own parents in Jessica’s apartment building. Jessica could’ve fled, but she decided to stay and deal with him once and for all.

Jessica is being questioned by the police about the murder at her apartment, but she is not the only one. The police found pictures of Luke in her apartment and also questioned him, leaving him no longer interested in seeing Jessica again. Jessica tried to explain that she was hired by one of the married women he was seeing, and when he later confronts this woman she goes home to confront her husband about hiring Jessica. After learning that Jessica wasn’t hired by her husband at all, she confronts Jessica and tells her that a group of men (including her husband) are headed to Luke’s bar to settle the score. Jessica heads over there to help Luke, but sees that he doesn’t need help, and neither does she – they realize that they both have super powers. Will this turn their one time fling into something deeper now?

Jessica starts to gather information on Kilgrave and whether or not he actually died in the bus accident a year ago. She breaks into the hospital records looking up the day of the bus crash and finds that there is no record of him. She finds a lead to the doctor that forged Kilgrave’s death certificate and he’s clearly in hiding from him. While speaking with the doctor she learns that he performed surgery on him after the bus accident, but that he wouldn’t have any anesthesia because it’s his weakness and can counter his mind control abilities. Jessica finally thinks she has a leg up on him, she just has to find him and figure out how to use it against him.

It was nice to see more of Kilgrave in action in this episode since mind control as a superpower is incredibly frightening. We haven’t gotten the full extent of what he can do, but we know that he is obsessed with Jessica and it seems that not only does he want her back under his control but he wants revenge for her being able to escape him and leaving him for dead with that bus crash. There are so many layers to this villain that he’s starting to remind us of Wilson Fisk from “Daredevil” – many delicious evil layers. Episode grade: B

What did you think of this episode of “Jessica Jones” and are you enjoying the first season so far? Leave us a comment in the box below and let us know what you think.

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