‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and the eviction that wasn’t

There are strange twists on “Celebrity Big Brother,” and then there is this one … which is almost a fake-out that really isn’t.

On tonight’s new episode of the show, we had an ultimate fake-out of sorts as both former “Teen Mom” star Farrah and a certain famed “entertainer” in Jenna were both evicted from the show, and Farrah received quite possibly some of the loudest boos that we’ve ever heard. Given some of the outrageous things that she said in the confessional room, we’re not shocked at all by this. (Trust us: She knew what she was doing. She’s one of those people who just feeds off of the stuff.)

So what happens now? Well, neither one of them is really evicted so much as they are being moved to a secret luxury suite where they will spy on the other houseguests … with the main twist being that the houseguests will actually know that they are being spied on.

To us, this seems like a long way to go for what is a pretty simple ending. Eventually, we’re probably going to see all of these people collide, and imagine the awkwardness when Jenna and Farrah realize that there has been almost zero point whatsoever to what they’ve been doing. We also have a hard time still figuring out what the point of this is in a competition that is largely a popularity contest, especially when you have two women involved here who have more or less zero shot at winning.

The one part of this that we find hilarious is that Farrah and Jenna were told to nominate someone, and they chose Austin … only to learn later that this actually made him immune. To quote another U.S. “Big Brother” personality, zing!

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