What ‘Under the Dome’ season 4 could have been

Anyone who has followed the news cycle over the past month or so probably knows clearly at this point that the future for “Under the Dome” on CBS is set in stone: There is no season 4, and therefore there is no chance to further along the story.

With that being said, we do still wonder what plans the writers and producers may have had in the event that the show had continued. Was it always the plan to drop the dome at the end of season 3? We cannot think here in terms of if this was in the show’s road map years ago, but we know it was in the cards even before the cancellation, and there was still a chance to continue telling some sort of stories within this world. However, that chance has now gone away.

We did think that there as an interesting story to be told after the events under the dome, even if the title would no longer made a whole lot of sense. After all, you would not have a chance to tell a story about more or less a group of people trying to figure out whether or not they could handle a normal society after doing through great trauma and hardship … provided of course that there is a real society to go back to. There would have been interesting stories and a chance for new characters to appear.

Also, it could have been another chance at creative redemption for a show that does need it. We still go back to how strong the show was in the early days, and how it has declined in so many different ways creatively since then.

Do you think a season 4 focusing on life outside of the dome could have been fun, or is the show ending at the right time? Share in the comments.

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