‘Outlander season 1, episode 3 review: Claire the healer, Jamie gets caught

With Claire being held prisoner at Castle Leoch, this episode of “Outlander” will focus on her struggles as she learns more about the MacKenzie clan, how she can help them and what she really means to them. On the other hand, she still wants to get back to her own time and to her husband Frank, but is she going to make it back before her bond with the MacKenzie clan deepens? There’s also that growing bond between Jamie and Claire to be mindful of.

Claire is doing her best to survive at the Castle and do her best to help the MacKenzie clan with her nursing skills. She is put to the test when the son of Colum’s chambermaid (Mrs. Fitz) becomes “possessed with a demon”, but she knows that really he’s eaten something poisonous. Unfortunately Claire’s diagnosis doesn’t match with the priest’s (Father Bain) demon possession diagnosis and bites back hard at Claire. Claire’s diagnosis gives Mrs. Fitz hope, but out of fear of the wrath of the priest, asks Claire to step aside and allow Father Bain to work his magic.

Claire works with Jamie to figure out exactly what Mr.s Fitz’ son ate and after hearing a story from Jamie, she realizes that he’s consumer some Lily of the Valley, which is extremely poisonous. She rushes back to give Mr.s Fitz’ son the antidote and is now considered a miracle worker. This of course creates animosity between Claire and the priest.

One other interesting part of this week’s episode is Colum’s conversation with Claire after finding out that Jamie and Laoghaire have been fooling around. Colum reveals that Laoghaire isn’t wife material for Jamie and that he needs to be wed to a woman not a young girl. This leads to a flirty exchange of Claire teasing Jamie about Laoghaire and we can see Claire’s feelings developing. Episode grade: B –

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