‘The Amazing Race Canada 3’ episode 10 review: Things get testy in British Columbia

Dujean -

As we start to approach the finale for “The Amazing Race Canada 3,” we’re starting to get the sense that this could end up being one of the most competitive ends to any season that we’ve seen. Teams are starting to have to play a little dirty at times, and we don’t just mean that in the form of the mud run.

Let’s start here with the move that we probably do find the most dubious at the moment: Gino & Jesse choosing to U-Turn Nick & Matt. Maybe they were thinking that they would take forever at the wakeboarding Roadblock, and therefore would be a little bit further behind than they were. However, given that they actually made it to that Roadblock before anyone else, we’re not sure you want to make that assumption. The wrestlers don’t seem to be holding that against the brothers, but at the same time we never think it is a good idea to U-Turn someone who is probably not going to be eliminated, especially since there was still room for them to U-Turn someone else.

Ultimately, we don’t think Gino & Jesse need to worry much about anything U-Turn related at all. They won this leg in British Columbia in a runaway, and nobody was even that close behind them. We’ve said this before, but these guys are deadly when you get them back in Canada and you don’t force them to deal with language barriers or equalizers like navigation problems.

We wanted to try to identify a winner out of the other remaining teams for the episode, but the reality is that almost all of them win thanks to Dujean & Leilani going home in fifth place. They were one of the teams who were serious threats to win the whole race, and we’ve seen them dominate when things are going well. Here’s the problem: They’re exes. They broke up for a reason! When things are not going well, they freak out and fight. They were at each other’s throats from the moment Leilani got injured doing the wakeboarding; she seemed checked-out, and he had no interest whatsoever in positive encouragement.

It was impressive to see Brent & Sean tonight make it through the challenges (Speed Bump included) and even beat the wrestlers in a footrace to second place. Meanwhile, Simi & Ope are still there, even though they remain at the back of the pack in fourth place.

Actually, in writing this we’ve figured out who the real winner this week is: Jon Montgomery. We feel like this season especially, he’s started to find his individual tone and voice as the host of this show. We love Phil Keoghan, but Jon’s humor and goofiness in some of the tasks is making it that we don’t really miss him anymore. Episode Grade: B+.

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