‘Big Brother 17’ live feed spoilers: Have Liz and Julia changed their minds? Also, Les Moonves chatter

LizWe expected there to be at least a little indecision when it comes to life in the “Big Brother” house this week, but in all honesty we never thought it’d be anything like what it became earlier today. Namely, we never thought that we were going to see Liz and Julia change their minds when it comes to who should be going home.

Ultimately, here is what they have figured out: Vanessa has final two deals with everyone left in the game, and while Julia may make it to the end with her, this is just a part of Vanessa’s plan to ensure that she is there with someone she can beat. So while the whole argument of “Julia deserves her moment” was there earlier in the week, now the idea is switching towards having Liz stay in the game. Austin will of course vote to keep her, and then Johnny Mac will need to do the same. We do think that this is something he would do, if for no other reason than that keeping Austin and Liz together ensures that Vanessa cannot worm her way in there with them as easily.

What this may also do is persuade Austin and Liz to potentially nominate Julia and even target her if one of them wins Head of Household, though that’s far less certain. They may think it is better to break up Steve and John, and then go after her at the final four. The big change today is that nobody really trusts Vanessa anymore on the Austwins side.

We do want to spend a second talking about CBS head Les Moonves’ comments today to Vulture, mostly because we find them interesting and also off-base:

“This wasn’t a great year for casting … Usually you have one or two disappointments. I think we had five or six disappointments.”

Who could he be talking about? It’s fair to guess that he is not thrilled with Austin and the twins, and maybe he’s not pleased with Clay for giving up his game or the whole “Amazing Race” twist. Jackie had potential, but she never got to show up. Ultimately, though, this cast may actually be our favorite group of newbies since season 11; sure, season 16 had some great characters, but it was a boring season; season 14 was a better season overall, but it had returning players who were mostly responsible for that (namely Dan).

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