‘Vikings’ season 4 premiere review: Ragnar survives, Lagertha regains power and Rollo marries

Vikings“Vikings” is back with it’s fourth season and let’s just say after a glorious season 3 finale, that this has been a very long wait for new episodes! Rollo has betrayed Ragnar in the past and vowed never to do so again, but here we are as he takes a serious look at the offer from the emperor to marry his daughter Gisla (even though she hates Rollo) and gain titles and riches in exchange for helping him defend Paris against Ragnar when he returns in the Spring. Is Rollo really going to betray Ragnar a second time or is this another Trojan horse story to help penetrate the gates of Paris? Also, now that Ragnar knows that Floki killed Athestan we wonder what kind of vengeance will rain down on him.

Ragnar: The season 4 premiere starts with Ragnar, and he is still in really bad shape, but the clan is incredibly rich now from the Paris raid. Floki knows he’s in trouble with Ragnar, so he’s trying his best to help heal him with runes in hopes of forgiveness, but Bjorn arrests Floki before Ragnar is conscious, saying that he has to pay for his crime against Athelstan. Floki is chained to a post in the middle of town while children throw rocks at him and begs Helga to help him escape, but she won’t help him.

Finally Ragnar awakes and Aslaug is less then thrilled to see her husband in good health (might have something to do with the fact that the seer told her that a woman will one day rule and she thinks it’s her). Ragnar is not happy that Bjorn has arrested Floki, because now he has no choice but to deal with him publically. Bjorn decides that he wants to go off on his own and find his way, but Ragnar tells him that he’s making a foolish decision. He asks him why Bjorn is really doing this and he tells Ragnar that he knows his father doesn’t believe in him and he wants to show him what kind of man he really is. Kind of a bad time for Bjorn to take this journey since Poruun is gone and she left his child with Aslaug.

Rollo: He’s a married man now, as he and Gisla have taken their vows (against her will), but when she is forced to consummate the marriage afterwards, she pulls a knife on him and he rolls over and goes to sleep. We see that this is going to be a fruitful marriage! Rollo heads back to the rest of his horde and he hasn’t come alone… in fact he’s brought back castle guards to slaughter his people. This will likely be the final straw that turns Ragnar away from Rollo when he finds out as he has seen betrayals from Rollo in the past, but this is pretty severe.

Lagertha: Upon their return, Kalf decides to share the earldom with Lagertha (how very generous since he’s the one who usurped it from her in the first place) and she accepts, but some of the people who helped Kalf become earl (namely Einar) are not in favor of the new arrangement and ask for the removal of Lagertha. Kalf leaves it to the people to vote and choose whether or not Lagertha is to rule with him or be banished forever. After he sees who are the people who want her banished, he has archers kill them all… he had no intention of not having Lagertha rule with him. She also had her revenge as she cut off the manhood of Einar in front of everyone.

The “Vikings” season 4 premiere had it all and was well worth the wait for new episodes. It was shocking, violent, and gave us some uplifting moments to cheer about. Also if you have been missing that charming, funny side of Ragnar, there were countless moments tonight to make us all smile. Episode grade: A-

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