‘Big Brother 17′ live feed spoilers: Austin and Liz’s lovers’ spat

AustinWho knew that the Veto Competition today in the “Big Brother” house would produce this much entertainment? Ultimately, this may have been the best-case scenario for any live-feed viewers out there. (Warning: SPOILERS ahead.)

With Austin winning the Veto, we don’t have the crazy panic that would have ensued if Julia had it and decided to take her sister off the block; however, that would’ve resulted probably in the twins taking it all the way to the end of the game, and that wouldn’t have been very entertaining. This is PERFECT if you are watching the show primarily for the crazy of it all.

So here is where we are right now: Liz is extremely angry at Austin seemingly first and foremost for winning the Power of Veto when she claims he could have thrown it to Julia (we’re not sure if that is really possible without seeing it), and then also for wanting to use it on himself. While he does care about her, he’s also said that he has an obligation to his family to try and win the game. He thinks that this should be separate from a relationship, and we do agree with that. It may be one of the few non-insane things Austin has done most of this season.

However, the twins are freaking out over it, Julia has thrown all of Austin’s stuff into the corner of a room, and they areĀ talking incessantly about him and Julia’s taking advantage of this opportunity to vent. Vanessa seems to be acting now as a marriage counselor, and Steve and John are REVELING in all of this. They are very aware of the fact that the more that all of this goes on, the less likely that Austin and the surviving twin are to be on the same page going into next week. It’s possible Austin even slidesĀ over to Steve and John if Liz goes and Vanessa and Julia keep insulting him, which would be hilarious.

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