‘Under the Dome’ season 3, episode 13 (series finale) preview: The dome goes down

Now that CBS has officially canceled “Under the Dome,” the network definitely seems to have no problem promoting the show’s upcoming episode as the “series finale.” Since they really have ownership of the series, it looks like they’re happy to just let this be it, and let the series conclude with the sight of the Dome going down.

What will this mean to the remainder of the residents of Chester’s Mill? It’s an interesting question, and we’re not sure all loose ends will be tied up. The writers did not know this would be the series finale (at least to our knowledge) at the time this was being written, even if they did have an inclination that it could be. After all, why else have the Dome go down now?

The promo below is really not emphasizing much in the way of specific events coming up, other than just hyping how big and crazy the finale is going to be. The synopsis below is at least a little more specific when it comes to character arcs:

“As the Dome in Chester’s Mill comes down, The Resistance, led by Barbie, Julia and Big Jim, makes a final attempt to protect the outside world from the infected townspeople in The Kinship, including Sam and Junior, and their new queen, Dawn.”

This season has been at times so craz,y it’s hard to really speculate too much on what could happen in this last episode, though we will say that above all else, we really just hope that there is some sort of happiness for these characters. They’ve suffered enough, and we want to feel like this entire journey was worth it.

As you would expect, the show’s end is leading to at least some emotional reactions.

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