‘Gotham’ episode 22 (finale) review: Fish Mooney’s final fight; a Barbara twist

Gotham -Gotham” fans, it’s all over until at least the fall, and we come into this finale review with one basic question: Are you really entertained? Despite many of the show’s flaws (and there were many tonight), we still thought that this was an entertaining hour that shows some tremendous progress between where the show was, and where the show is now.

So should we ignore the journey, and instead focus on where we are now? It’s hard to when there are so many turns that were completely out of left field. The writers have finally decided to make Barbara Kean into a psychopath, for example, which is great — but where were the hints last week, or really throughout most of the season? She killed her parents, which definitely suggests that the show is cutting bait on being loyal to the comics, where she is the mother of Jim Gordon’s kids. It’s hard to see anything happening there now.

Also, should we rejoice at the end of Fish Mooney, or instead question the disjointed journey that brought her to this point. All of the stuff with the island prison at this point really just feels like a waste of time, and while we should say that Fish isn’t 100% dead, it definitely looks like it after Oswald knocked her off the side of a building. At least she seemed to die at the right hand; the Penguin seizing Gotham is precisely what we want to see.

Before this, it was Fish who killed Maroni (we know that he had an expiration date), and Carmine has decided that he’s done with dealing with all of this drama. Don’t blame him there. Gordon seems to be in a decent place now with Leslie, and seemingly we’ve got Bruce Wayne discovering the Batcave. That much is awesome.

Ultimately, the “Gotham” finale was comprised of great moments that, if you don’t think about them, are pretty great. It’s only trouble if you start to look back at what brought us to this place. Grade: B+.

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