‘How To Get Away With Murder’ season 1, episode 3 review: Will Michaela’s ring ruin everything?

How to get away with murderWhen we last saw our group on “How to Get Away With Murder” we saw a pretty confident Wes saying that everything is going to be okay after buying some supplies to help clean up after the Sam murder. With the body being Annalise’s husband, Sam, and her having an affair, things are not really looking that good for her right now, but this is a Shonda Rhimes show and not everything is as it seems. She loves to throw a curve ball every so often and that’s what makes her shows so addictive and entertaining. So what’s going on with the murder this week?

There was some movement on the Lila Stangard case this week as Rebecca is the prime suspect in her murder. Wes is doing everything he can to try to help clear Rebecca’s name, and it’s not looking good. Nate looks deeper into Sam’s alibi the night that Lila was murdered and learns that Sam’s alibi was a fake and that he wasn’t at Yale. Unfortunately he decides to keep this information from Annalise, leaving her at square one.

Michaela’s fiance Aiden is in town, but after a face to face with Connor she learns that there is a romantic history between the two boys. She is fearful that her fiance might be gay and that fear only grows as Connor taunts her. Aiden explains that it was just youthful experimentation , but Michaela is not convinced and in fact she then threatens to destroy him if he betrays her. Great way to move into a marriage!

As for Sam’s body, the group decides they need an alibi and takes a bunch of pictures at a bonefire as they all decide to be each other’s alibi’s. As they are packing up what seems like the last of Sam’s body, Michaela realizes that her engagement ring is missing. Episode grade B

Do you think that Michaela’s lost engagement ring will ruin their chances of hiding the body or do you think it’s just a red herring? Leave us a comment int he box below and share your theory. If you are looking for more news on “How To Get Away With Murder” then head on over to the link here where you can check out more spoilers, reviews and previews for the show. Also, if you want more great TV news sent your way then be sure to sign up for our weekly CarterMatt newsletter. (Photo: ABC)

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