‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’: Kicking off the spotlight series

Survivor -We’ve spent so much time over the past couple of days touching on some other elements of “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance” that we’ve taken some time getting to our spotlight series. Consider this article our formal kick-off!

What we wanted to do this season is slightly different, but only in the way that we’re describing players. These people are returnees, so there’s no point in doing the whole “Survivor contestant they are most like” game. The same goes for making some sort of assumption about their strategy or their athleticism based on a profile: We already know a whole lot of that! We don’t want to regurgitate, and there’s already so much “Survivor” content out there from people who were on location. Dalton Ross of Entertainment Weekly always gives great insight. Josh Wigler’s killing it over on Parade with some of his first-person accounts. Here’s how we will be breaking the 20 players down.

History lesson – Just a quick refresher on how the player performed the first time around in terms of basic facts. Nothing too deep here.

What they did right the first time – This is all about why they were brought back in the first place! Without these things, we wouldn’t be having them out on location yet again.

What they need to change – None of these people won, so they’ve all got a little bit of something that they need to improve on.

What’s standing in their way – Are they perceived as a big threat this time? Are they on the wrong tribe, or have too bad of a reputation? This is where we’ll discuss obstacles.

Prediction – Finally, we’ll give you an sense of what their ceiling is in this game. We’ll make precise predictions at the end, though we did already announce on Twitter weeks ago that Vytas was our preseason pick. We wanted to do that before the players got back in the event that spoilers were rampant. There are NO spoilers here and will never be in the articles.

We’ll conclude each article with a poll, giving you a chance to share how much you’re rooting for that player. Sound great? Then come back on Saturday, which is when we’re kicking things off in fine fashion this season.

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