‘The Last Ship’ season 2, episode 11 review: More death as Sean’s plan comes to fruition

Chandler -Sean’s clearly a bad man on “The Last Ship,” and come Sunday night with “Valkyrie,” we did see the full ramifications of his plan to start turning the American people on the Nathan James. Remember here that Chandler and company are Navy officers. Therefore, these are people that you want to believe are held in a certain amount of regard … or at least they were before the world went sideways.

Following Sean’s message / deception, what we saw instead was American civilians going after the show, and causing a great deal of death and devastation as a result. Ravit and Chung are the most notable casualties for the episode, and it is pretty clear after watching this how much trouble the ship and its crew are in. If you wanted to established stakes for the final two episodes, this is the way that you do it. Chandler is not just fighting at this point against the Immunes, but he has the American people up against him. This will be no easy task.

There’s not too much hope that this point for the Nathan James to work their way out of this, other than maybe Valerie, a character who is going to be important to the story in all of the episodes coming up this season. She knows at least the truth, and that could get the crew of the ship off to a decent start in repairing a wrongfully-tattered image.

For pure shock value alone, “Valkyrie” was a crazy and satisfying episode. We’re not sure we wanted to lose Ravit in particular just yet, but sometimes, it probably is better to say goodbye to someone before you are really ready to. Episode Grade: B.

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