‘Under the Dome’ season 3, episode 11 video: Is humanity in danger?

The situation on “Under the Dome” at the moment should feel fairly familiar to all of who have watched the show over the past few summers. After all, we’re staring in the face of a possible invasion from outside forces that could spell the end of humanity as we know it … provided that certain folks are not careful.

Unfortunately, the promo for Thursday night’s new episode “Love is a Battlefield” is not the most informative one that we’ve ever seen, mostly because it really does not do a lot to answer some important questions when it comes to various allegiances. It feels to us as though Barbie is at the center of everything thanks to his relationship with Eva, which in turn draws him closer to Christine. However, ideologically we’re not sure he’s on the same page as them at all.

By the end of this episode, maybe we’ll have some more information not just in terms of his stance, but also what Hektor really wants with Patrick, why he lied about whether or not he is alive or dead, and what Lily’s role truly is here in everything. There are only three episodes left for the season and even possibly the series (the ratings haven’t been great), but there is still a whole lot for the show to explain before this season comes to a close.

We will have more on “Under the Dome” throughout the week; typically CBS does unveil a longer sneak peek, and here’s to hoping that it is in some way more informative than this.

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