‘Ink Master’ season 6, episode 9 podcast: Jessa, Bart on Dave Clarke strategy, Tyler Nolan meltdown

Ink MasterIf you love alliances then “Ink Master” season 6 is the show for you. Unfortunately for most of the artists, the only person benefiting from these alliances seems to be Chris Blinston, while everyone else is scrambling to get some sort of control over the game. Craig and Matt have been pushing hard to unravel Chris’ game, but if they want to win they have to show his weaknesses in front of the judges or it really doesn’t matter.

When it comes to alliances, Dave Clarke is one of the key artists that Jessa and Bart will be talking about in their weekly “Ink Master” podcast. More specifically whether or not Dave doesn’t have any sort of strategy or if he’s just telling people he doesn’t. Also, is being aligned with Chris a good move for Dave, or is it making himself look weaker against Chris? There is a strong argument for both cases, but when it comes down to brass tacks, Dave is a solid artist who deserves a spot in the finales. Does he deserve to win over Chris? Jessa definitely thinks Dave should win, but with Chris’ dominance over the judges, it may be hard for anyone to beat him.

One of the other aspects of this episode that Jessa and Bart will be discussing at great length is Tyler Nolan’s attitude towards the competition as well as the negative things he was saying to the canvas while tattooing him. Does anyone really want to get a tattoo while their artist is cursing about how much they don’t want to do this tattoo? It’s not very encouraging and as Bart says if he was the canvas he would’ve walked out. Also, we will be looking at whether or not Marisa LaRen screwed herself over by telling Tyler to fix his attitude – did she just hand over her shot at the cash prize to Tyler?

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