‘Ink Master’ season 6, episode 8 podcast: Jessa, Bart talk Big Ceeze elimination, Tyler flipping off a canvas

Ink MasterLove is in the air on “Ink Master” season 6 as we saw Tyler and Marisa’s relationship blossoming into something more, but is this going to be something that the other artists will see as a threat? We already saw a bit of that happening this week during the elimination when Big Ceeze and Marisa were fighting and Tyler stepped in to help Marisa, so it’s possible others may seem their relationship as a threat as well.

Tyler and Marisa’s relationship will be one of the topics covered on this week’s edition of the CarterMatt “Ink Master” podcast and how it could affect their game moving forward. There has always been a lack of alliances on this show because it really comes down to an individual artist’s work to win, but alliances could help decide who you are standing at the end with and that is game play that has been happening more and more as this season progresses.

While on the subject of alliances, we are going to be looking at Chris, who seems to have Dave and Tyler helping him get to the end. Although this is great for Chris, it is hurting Tyler and Dave’s game. On the other side of the house we have Craig and Matt who are targeting some of Chris’ alliance members, but is this really the best strategy or should they target Chris specifically?

Last but not least we want to take a moment to talk about Tyler Nolan flipping off the canvas who was trying to explain why they were unhappy with their tattoo. We have a real problem watching a human canvas being disrespected not only by an artist, but also by the judges who said nothing and let it happen. Julia Carlson got told off by the judges last season for swearing at a canvas, which we agreed with, but when Tyler does it there’s not a peep from the judges.

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