‘The Last Ship’ season 2, episode 10 review: The aftermath of Rachel’s move

Last Ship -

For much of season 2 of “The Last Ship,” the show has really put an emphasis on trying to establish the complexities of this world. It is a place that still very few have a real grasp of, and there are quite a few simple reasons for that. For one, nobody knows what the rules. We’ve spent much of the past several weeks trying to figure out whose side the President is really on.

So following Rachel’s decision last week to do away with Niels, the show did place itself in a little bit of a moral conundrum. How do you move forward from this in a way that actually makes sense? Here you have someone who is the best hope that the country has in getting a cure, but at the same time she’s also killed when she did not really need to. There have to be consequences for those actions.

We’ve taken a look already at the internet’s reaction to Tom’s handling of Rachel, and what seems to be potentially the end of their friendship. In many ways, we do see both sides in that Rachel is valuable, and some want him to cut her a little bit of slack. But, if he allows her to go guilt-free from this, what sort of precedent does this set in the future? Sure, Niels was not exactly a great person, but did he deserve the fate that he received?

As a whole, this episode was slower as we start to build towards a major crisis constructed by Sean and the Immunes. The back is up against the wall for the Nathan James, and they don’t have the public image on their side. They have to find a way to solve the conundrum that is the cure, and stay alive at the same time. Grade:B.

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